Realtime Results  

from Control Room to the Board Room,

from the field to the World



Realtime Results have been involved in a number of differents projects for its clients:
  • Asset Condition Monitoring project for Transmission:
    • Dynamic Line Rating
    • Dynamic Tranfromer Rating
    • Integrated Oil Condition Analysis
    • Integration with SAP and Maximo
  • Weather Modelling for Distribution
    • Realtime modelling of weather patterns for State of Victoria
    • Outage prediction
    • Outage Simulation and Analysis
  • Gas Transmission pipeline leak detection
  • Distribution Line Management
    • Realtime identification of Wire down conditions
    • Realtime identification of Brown Out conditions
  • COMTrade to PI Interface for high speed event data
  • Transformer Oil Analysis and Rating
  • PI-AF Model Builder - Transforming SCADA tags into AF elements
  • Substation IED Data integration with PI